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Sanskrit a posted May 5, 16

Please follow this link to a description of what we are all about http://fireofelysium.enjin.com/forum/m/5625082/viewthread/5399746-at-heart

Hello everyone,

We are planning to meet up in Santa Fe this summer [the week of Monday 1 August through about Friday 5 August] rather than attempt to arrange for Las Vegas.  Lots of thought went into that, and I hope it meets with everyone's approval.  Santa Fe and the surroundings have much to offer in terms of beauty, history, museums, art, scenic drives, Taos, Chimayo, Ojo Caliente, etc].

Some of us might want to be there the work week, others perhaps only a few days or stay over the weekend to follow, but it's all good.

I know the area well and would be very happy to show people around [hope you like spicey food, but we can work around it if you don't lol].  I will be driving in with my Raptor which can seat 5 good sized people easily, so if we might want to do a day trip to Taos or something, it would be easy to do [or we could caravan it].

Albuqueruqe has a large airport, so that would be your destination if you choose to fly.  It's also only about an hour away (south of Santa Fe along I25).  If you have a mind to do some expoloring around the Southern part of the State [Roswell, White Sands, Calrsbad Caverns, VLA etc], as well as the Northern, it might be where you might want to find lodging, too.

Hope to see many of you there :)

Sanskrit  [Aramaic]


Sanskrit a posted Jan 12, 16

New Mumble Channel

There is now a new channel in mumble for controversial topics, a place people can go to talk freely about politics, religion or similar topics that might generate strong and passionate feelings.  Please use this space to vent about anything in particular with others who might have a similar need, whenever you've a need to do so, and thereby assure other guild members and guests can pursue other interests. 

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